Crystal Orbiting

Crystal Orbiting

slumbering awaken to a shimmering dream where lights sparkle,
rainbows upon rainbow seals
no care
as I swirled spinning clambering to fly.Just being.
freely pealing notes on scales tunefully rang

playing in crystal lights as colors refract,
giggles in smiling  laughs
beyond time
beyond space

wondrous scenes unfurling unwind.watching awed amaze
lights flickered neon opalescenses in my celestial field.
Closely watching crystalline cadenzas softly drawing near,
bowing to more lights that suddenly appear.piercing the core of my very existence,
awakening who I am, shaking my very being,

in an instant
of which descriptives evade
essenses of purest love pervades

warming enrichment for the senses

glimpsing perhaps what is”
a part of my deep inner heart
my playground of orbits in the sky
had come to me
In a moments wish  whisked far far away
soaring past stars and moons and orbs
at such a phenomenal speed so many different worlds to see
many stories  unfolding as gliding screens 
jumping from peaks of icy crystals verged
encircling global lights
eagerly curiosities stirred
to know and see even more
spinning circles with skirts outspread
soars prepared to take chances
and walk in as harmonies led
sharinghearts and soul
that soft pearl grey clouds will recede and carry
to places of believe where
stringed harps flute laughter
curtseying leaves in green
like an endless stream
of flickering flashing light
stunningly spectacular,
expanses wide
My crystal orbiting rides return recalling whispers of truth
and I ask  ‘who will believe’

but then that’s not for me ~  that’s for you ~


About libithina

I am a writer, poet, and astrologer for also find me at blogger and Allpoetry ~ and twitter
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