Circle starts at a point

Write it as a list; write it into a story; do a photo essay; make a collage. Consider including things which other people might not see, if they rifled through your luggage: experiences, memories, intentions. Tell us your destination (if you want to, if you know). What map (if any) will you use to chart your course? Will you strike out on your own, pack the newborn into a Snugli? Will you travel on foot, by car, by magic carpet? Do you journey alone or shall we walk side-by-side?  Wrirting Circle lets see how it goes, can’t do any harm or can it, I have stumbled upon this and it may just turn out to be a symbol of growth in a way that I could not have envisaged to be ~  link back to and link with comment to others who also may embark upon this journey now where to start ~ #DecWritO hash

looking about my feet I couldn’t see above the pile heaped it was must have stretched a mile easily, so what should I do clear a way or walk around and perhaps survey, maybe there’s clues as to what to do, I can see a diary and a phoenix crest, a nursery rhyme book, with glasses to read red rimmed, a crystal ball just needs a dust and a polish that’s all, but there is so much I have to be selective, a pen with a plume of ostrich feather in palest pink, worn in parts but still takes ink, the dogs know there is something afoot can they help I doubt that much, but first I need to work out of this place … I know by the 24th I’ll have visitors galore, so the magic needs begin right now …..

Wow I like that, isn’t that nice’ is it  ? I wonder I love the flambouyancy, eccentricity, in the background I can hear the soft trickling of a stream, but that chandelier captures a sparkle, outside the beach wasn’t too far away just beyond the fence, I loved so much water surrounds. Embroidery tapestries framed and a dramatic display of white lilies, heavy flocked wallpaper in raspberry, immediately I spot a huge ruby gem faceted beckoning me to pick it up, so smooth, so warm, contained a lot of energy, that relfected onto an onyx ceiling was I upside down, how could that be but everything remained to stay in place, couldn’t resist from the hugest pork pie and coconut sprinkled cake with pink sponge and pinkly iced, took a seat and forked a mouthful which melted with ease, sat next to a doll called ‘Daisy May’ Ah so this is a dolls tea party, with china cups and saucers and a pot to pour in ‘Red roses’ pattern and design. wonder if one of those feather dusters would cut any dust as I bit into the crust of pie, no definitely not, needs more than a traditional twist and know how. of course if it was in a gallery that would be a different tale, it would be labelled and given a name, that’s easy ‘The Mess’ or collection of memorabilia, in that sense can’t be moved or touched, it all depends on perspective, big fish, small fish cardboard box, and now a glass floor, showing champagne in a bucket on ice with flute glasses ready to taste. right next to a hot tub to share .. do I go there now or defer .. no, I’ll try to resist it’s not going anywhere … so beyond this big and bold, houses do have ‘feelings’ I suppose, panelled doors and rooms wonder what’s behind a baronial dining room to partake of lunch with highly polished veneer and a large rib roast ready to carve with every trimming you can imagine, there has to be more than what lies before me now but that would be great to achieve. I don a tiara just seems to befit this place of grandeur this stately pile .. lets look on in the nooks and crannies .. chess pieces and top hats call, and sweeping gowns with glitter shoes to step the glide, back to the forties and jitterbugs days, elegant dresses tresses that falled and caught in pin curls, ‘Chatta Nooga CHoo Choo’ a true golden blast one I recalled from movies, ( ) and ‘Begin the Beguine’ never to part, raptures brings back a night of tropical splendour a memory Evergreen once more under the stars, and orchestra playing and palms swaying, those clutch at the heart, promises made of never to part, but the chance wasn’t wasted more than an ember it flamed, whispering ‘L Love You’ let it begin always, even if it soon may go .. the memory .. Oh the memory ( )  and so I danced in my glittering gown in a huge ballroom with a springed floor and glittering lights shone and twinkled, the needle on the gramophone lifted and placed on a groove of a 78, playing  Always Keep the Memory of — Fred & Ginger – “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” (1949) ) Oh  that big band sound, orchestra plays, not they can’t take that away the whole room was glittering now and full of laughter clapping and cheers … I twirled and was held firmly around my waist, arms stretched high, we positively glide, did you get the invitation as he broke and side stepped around a cane that he possessed ( ) see I’ve put on my Top Hat, White tie, tails and dress, you look divine My Dear, positively shine, in those dancing shoes and he took me in his arms again and we twirled around the floor heaven I’m in heaven and my heart beats so much dancing cheek to cheek ( ) I want my arms about you, heaven I’m in heaven, I can hardly speak is this the happiness I seek, and the care that hung around vanishes like a lucky gamblers streak, I felt like I was the chandelier glittering like a glitterball, even gave a little back kick of my own, charmed, itchy coo ‘Put the Blame on Mame’ all those beauty’s from the forties and early thirties known ( from long ago American smooth, iconic, structures elements fired in real time swing .. that first time ever I saw your face ..

you wonder how that happens, every year the same old tangle you have to sort, carefully folded all the wires the lights worked and each one they need a recheck some bulb has blown the rest, but if we want lights for the tree two choices I can see throw away and buy some more or make do with these, but I’ll have to try as these are some years old been in the family for decades and they always come through


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One Response to Circle starts at a point

  1. ManicDdaily says:

    Well, I am a great Fred Astaire fan as well as Artie Shaw and Glenn Miller so this spoke to me. I think it would be very interesting to tape it as it really is in the form of a monologue – with snatches of lovely song. k.

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